My favorite Subject

My favorite subject is gym because I love to run around and to play fun games. Some of my favorites are two ball. It is where you run and try not to get hit and if you pick up a ball you have to throw it at someone and if you hit them they will go to the side and cheer for the person who got you out. If they get out then you would be back in. The game is really fun! One of my other favorite games is Everybody is it. It  is fun. It is where you tag a bunch of people and they would go for you too. So if you get tagged you would sit down and if you tag someone’s legs they would have to sit down and you are back in. Another of my favorite game is Donut. It is where you you run around and there are little walls and when you are running you might hide for a second because you there are people with little balls and they would throw them at you If they hit you they would have to go in the middle and try to hit them and the person who who it you they would go back in. My gym teacher is so nice he is so fun he makes up fun games. In my school we have the best gym teacher and gym. And that is why I love gym.

My cottage

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go to my cottage. We go up there a lot in the summer. We go swimming. A lot one of my favorite things to do there are to go outside and go to the beach and swim and play on the sand. But my favorite thing to do is go swimming and when there are white caps that is the funnest thing ever.  And we have a fireplace and a outdoor kitchen there and it has a outdoor tv so most of the time we spend is outside. We also have outdoor chairs and a outdoor sofa. Some time we go to town in the summer and we get ice cream some time. There is this great ice cream place that we go to.

This is not my cottage but it is nice.

Do you have a cottage?

Do you like the beach?

Summer is the Best

Summer is the Best!

This is my opinion but a lot of people should think that summer is the best. It is a lot nicer than winter because it is sunny in the summer and it will be really hot and that is how summer is the best.

First, you don’t have any school or homework so you would get to sit home and do nothing. But at my house I just have to do one little math page. Plus you would be able to do anything thing you want. You would be able to just watch T.V.

     Second, you get a lot of energy because everyone goes outside because it is sunny outside. People like to play a lot but sometimes the kids would be inside because it might be too hot for them.

Third, you can do anything you want because you just get to sit home. You get to outside or read a book or watch tv and a lot of kids go on vacation so if you have homework you would have to do that. And going on a vacation is like learning because you are leaning abort the place.

And that is why I think summer is the best. I hope you agree with me and I hope you like my reasons. And hope you like summer.

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Disney World

HI! My favorite place to go is Disney World. I love Disney because it has so many rides to enjoy. Here are some of my favorites. They are Splash Mountain, Speedway Thing–it is where you get in a car and you get to drive. One time I went with my dad and we bumped my sister and mom. And if you go there are so many places to stay. One of the places you should go is Magic Kingdom. It has so many rides and you have to go on the tea cups. It is where you get in a teacup and you can spin so if you like to spin this is the ride. If you get hot you should go to a water park. If you go there is a water slide there and my mom went on it once. There are two water parks but it would be hard to pick because there are really fun. My favorite is blizzard beach. it has so many fun things. One of my favorites is where your family gets in this raft and you go down a huge slide. if you want to get to the top of this thing you have to take a ski lift or you have to take the stairs. There is a lazy river. You pass this mountain and you go under it and it has water coming down on you. If you pass this house it has like something fake in it but it  sprays water at you and it is cold water. After you do that you should go to more parks.

Have you ever been to Disney World or another park? What is your favorite place to go?

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My Cat

Hi! My favorite animal is a cat because they are very fun to play with. My cat is named Mickey and he is two years old and he is the best cat ever. He plays a lot and he sleeps a lot but he is still the best cat ever. We have a little laser and when we shine it on the wall he will jump up and get it. It looks really funny.

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Great Wolf lodge

HI! Have you even been to Great Wolf Lodge? Well if you have not been you should go. Why? Because it has sweet water slides there and they have a big play area and if you have a little sister they have small water slides for them. Two slides. In the play area you could dump water on them it is so fun. There is a out side water park there too.

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HI! I love to play Minecraft because I have a sweet house in Minecraft and I trapped all the creepers in my house. My sister’s house is cool too because it had a swimming pool and a gym in the house. You should get Minecraft on the computer. I hope you get it.

. [Sweet house]

Have you ever played Minecraft?

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Hi! One of my favorite things to do is swimming because you get to go under water and do flips. I love to do flips it is so fun. But last year I  took swimming lesson but I hated it. But this year I love to go swimming. My uncle has a pool and I love to go over there and play in it with my sister and my cousin. It is so fun.

Do you like to swim?

A Quote


If you can dream it you can do it.

~ Walt Disney

I like this quote  because it is like a dream and if you want to do it then it will happen. Just listen to your heart.

Do you have a favorite quote?

All About Me

HI!  My favorite game to play is Apples to Apples.  My favorite food is pizza some times  and some other thing but I forgot what they are. I have four family members and one cat. My favorite subject is gym and art. My favorite  colors are purple and blue. My favorite sport is soccer and favorite sport to watch is football.

What are your favorite things?

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